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Default D2, Nano, Touch Comparison - Help appreciated!

Hi all,
I'm on the hunt for a media player for my boyfriend for his birthday, and have come across a bit of a selection - sadly I've got no idea which would be considered the 'best', so I'm relying on your thoughts & ideas.

Out of everything available, I've narrowed the list down to;
iPod Touch
iPod Nano
Cowon D2

His ideal player is the Archos Internet Tablet 5 with 3G (sorry if that's not quite right, I think it's the new one due towards the end of the year), but at the moment he's just after one for carrying around in his pocket.

He's got a macbook and a desktop PC, so OS isn't a restriction. We were looking at both iPods today and he seemed torn between the two. I know what sort of differences there are (capacity, size, wi-fi enabled etc), but would you recommend one over the other?

He seems rather taken with the Cowon D2 too, but we haven't had a chance to play around with that one. Is it pocket-friendly? Is it easy to switch between songs etc without taking it out of your pocket (unlike the Touch)?

Are there any problems with any of them that you've discovered, or inversely, any rather good points?

I've heard bad things about the iPod's sound quality, but I have a Classic and haven't really noticed anything, although I'm not the most attentive listener ever - although my boyfriend has used it once or twice as well, and hasn't commented on it. Does the Cowon D2 have noticably better sound quality when compared to the iPod, and what sort of headphones do you need to be able to notice the difference? Would it really matter if it's just being used to travel around university etc? I don't think he messes around with any of the EQ settings etc, it's just left at default.

Also, as far as I know, one of the biggest pros for him about the Touch is the calendar feature, and being able to edit it directly on the iPod itself. Does the Cowon have a calendar feature that you can sync with Outlook, or something similar? And can you just read it, or can you edit it as well, directly on the player itself?

One last question - sorry! The wireless the Touch uses - is it secure at all? Just connecting to our wireless network at home, I've seen a few unsecured 'phone' connections pop up recently - are they commonly unsecured like this, or does the Touch come with any built-in security (for emailing etc)? If not, how easy is it for someone to gain access to it from elsewhere?

Apologies if these are all rather stupid questions, but I'm really at a bit of a loss now, and I can't exactly go to him for help. I also don't want to talk to the people in store, because the only people who know a great deal about the iPods are the guys in the Apple store, who are going to work their butts off to sell me an iPod. As far as I know, the Cowon D2 isn't easily available over here in-store, so I highly doubt there will be anyone who can tell me a great deal about it.

Lastly, these are the prices of the players over here in the UK (along with the sizes he's after - I know the bigger the better, but I'm pretty sure he'd be happy with about 4GB, as he doesn't have a huge music collection and doesn't seem to mind swapping the music over every now and then if need be)

Cowon D2 4GB - $200-$220 (without SD card)
iPod Touch 8GB - $266
iPod Nano 8GB - $170

Thanks so much in advance! Any help is greatly appreciated!
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