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Default does the P2 have pitch control?

according to:

It does with a firmware upgrade. The DarkSide is an Ultra Senior Member so I assume he is correct. Has this feature been taken away in more recent firmware upgrades? How do you use it? Any comments to its usefulness?

My dad listens mostly to audiobooks and he would like to go through them quicker. Is it adjustable. Didn't see anything about it in the manual I downloaded from Samsung (version 1.0)
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The P2 Does allow you to change th "Play Speed" of an audio file. I just tested and it lets you go from x0.7 to x1.3 where x1.0 would be normal. So yes you can change the speed to allow faster playback. It isn't a lot faster but I think any faster and it might be harder to keep up and understand complicated words.
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In this case, the pitch of the playback does change accordingly, btw.
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