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Default Comparison between players..

So I'm looking at a 16gb iPod Nano, Zune and Sansa View... all $199.99. Of course this is an 'anything but ipod' forum so I'm assuming nobody will reccomend the Nano, but I would like to hear which player you would pick- and most importantly, why? I'm having a hard time deciding between the three. Thanks alot
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well, that depends on what you are looking for...

the zune and the ipod looks nice, and it has a good, clean interface and the nano has an accelerometer (which is kinda cool). however there is no custom eq or sd slot and both use propriety software (itunes, and i dont know what the zune thing is called...)

the view has sd expansion, however some people say that its firmware is buggy, and it's built quality is not as good, and its battery life fluctuats wildly (again, all based on what others have said)...

if i were you though, i would go for the zune, because i like the squircle thing, and plus i've never owned a zune before....
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Instead of the Sansa View, I think you should consider the Sansa Fuze, as the Fuze has better sound quality than the View and is less expensive. The View is better at video than the Fuze though. Since you want 16 gigs of storage, how about considering a Cowon D2? While a 16 gig Cowon D2 is over $200, you can get a 4 gig Cowon D2 plus a 16 gig class 6 SDHC card for it for under $200, giving a very nice 20 gig player. The D2 is listed as having 52 hour battery life for music. The D2 integrates the SD card contents when navigating by tags. The D2 also offers a choice of navigating by folders. I had a hard time choosing between the Fuze and the D2 and finally chose the Fuze. If you plan to fill 16 gigs of storage, then imo having the choice to navigate by folders could make things much easier. A player that navigates just by tags might have you spending plenty of time correcting and editing tags, and it might take a long time finding specific songs on it if it has a huge number of songs. The Cowon D2 or i7, and the newer Sony models give you a choice of navigating by folders or tags.

Imo the most important things to look for in a player are great sound quality, long battery life, a choice of navigating by folders or tags, and a memory card slot. Also look for a high power output(like on the Cowon D2 or i7) if you plan to use full sized headphones or earphones that aren't very efficient. The Cowon D2 has a touch screen and some people don't like that, while the Cowon i7 has a small screen(just 1.3"). The i7 is rated as having 60 hour battery life.

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