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Default Samsung P2 Bass

Hi this is my first post, i want to get the P2, but i was wondering , because i had a small sony mp3, and i could change the bass, and increase, sounded awesome especially for my rap tunes, anyway i was wondering if you could do that with the P2?
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Yes, you can... but 99% more important for bass reproduction is what headphones you use.

FWIW, the Sennheiser CX300 or the V-Moda Bass Freq provide gigantic bass response.
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the p2 has a bass increaser, which IMO, is pretty good...

and yes, it depends more on what earphones your using...but i think the bass increaser thing can accomadate for less bassier phones
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With my K3, the bass settings really improved the stock earbuds till I got Creative EP-630's, and eventually Sennheiser CX300's which provided an even bigger increase.

The P2 should more or less be the same. Works well, and when bundled with earphones that give out a lot of bass, can give out quite a lot.
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two words, in ears, those are the best to use for bass, ive got some KOSS, they're amazing! especially for my rap tunes, i can give u the DNSe I use if u want, wich is optimized for best bass
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