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Default My P2 problem =(


I have a 8GB. Yesterday, while trying to load songs on, it tells me that I no longer have any free space left (around 32MB). This isn't right right because I've never had that much music or vids on my player ever. My music folder is only about 2.7GB. Even when I select ALL the folders in my P2 and check the size, it's only at 3.4GB, so I have no idea where my other 3 some odd gbs are......Anybody have any idea?

On a side note, I'm on UMS KRN 5.10. I've noticed that when I use the newer firmwares, my P2 is more prone to freezing. Is it just my P2? It rarely freezes when I'm using an older firmware but once I update to the newer ones, it happens a lot more. Anybody?

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It isn't only your music taking space .... Firmware, UCI's, games & dictionary take their share as well. You didn't say if you had allthat but the firmwares do add up.
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check under "about", under settings -->systems-->about.
if the free memory says that its full then its full (probably with OTHER stuff besides music, like bo hemian1954 said), then you can proceed to delete some stuff that you dont need...

OR, the lazyman's way to do it: back up everything you DO need, reformat, then put it back on...
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I'm not just talking about music. Like I said, I selected all the folders within the P2 and it still only added up to 3.4GB

I guess I'll format.
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Did you check Settings -> System -> About ? That will tell you exactly how much space is left, including all hidden files and system files. That's your best bet. And if it is full, then yeah, you'll have to take off some stuff. Some big files that are on there could be stuff like uncompressed videos and maybe the new dictionary with pronunciations (huge file). Because 3 or so gigs of music shouldn't be the problem on an 8 gig.
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I had a situation where Linux had created a "Recycle Bin" folder hidden on my P2. All of the movies/songs that I had deleted were going into this folder. I had to delete the folder every time I deleted anything or the discarded files would never actually leave the player. Make sure you are viewing hidden folders when calculating usage.
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