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Angry e140 Not working at all

Hi there,

I bought a a SanDisk e140, my first ever mp3 player I have had it for 3 weeks and use it when I go out for a walk etc. Today I went to turn it on and nothing at all happened. It just wouldn't power up. I did the next logical thing and changed the battery but it still will not work? When I plug it into the computer, the computer does not recognize that "new hardware" has been added although this is probably because the mp3 player won't turn on Can someone help me or should I just take it back to the shop? I am very angry when I paid $A149.00 for it and 3 weeks out it has died. Thanks for any/all help.
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and no one on this forum helps
all rhyding on san disk **** as if though they get a fraction of the money sandisk earn on products...****in idiots..BUY WHAT WILL WORK....A FOOL IS ONE WHO DOES THE SAME THING EVERYTIME AND EXPECT A DIFFERENT RESULT...SADLY U CAN ONLY GET A REPLACEMENT **** FOR THE OTHER PIECE OF **** THAT GOT ****ED UP INSTEAD OF ANOTHER BRAND..MIGHT AS WELL BUY A CD PLAYER

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Default Dissenting Opinion

Sandisk makes good products and crappy ones. I've been using my e140 for the past two years and never had problems. This was not the case with the Frontier Labs NexII p.o.s. I had before that. The lack of a resume function sucks as does the 2 gb limit for sd cards but other than those minor gripes, mine has worked like a charm. I've dropped it repeatedly, gotten it soaked, used it every day and it has been a really good investment. I would advise the owner of the dead E140 to try flashing the firmware in "restore mode", which involves pressing on the menu button and holding it down while connecting the usb cable. If that doesn't work, you can return it. Because of the razor thin profit margin on electronics, quality control is not what it used to be. I just wish I could find a player that could handle 4gb SD cards...
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You paid $140 for an e140? I'm sorry.... aside from that, call tech support for some help, there are some crazies, but there are some good ones too. BTW, is the battery in right? j/k. See if your warranty is still valid or what not.

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