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Help Cracking Noise coming from P2

I was playing a song the other day, and all of a sudden, the music started cracking up. It faded in and out, and it sounded a bit like static. So, I adjusted the headphones and it was fine. Whenever I moved, however, it cracked up again. When it cracks up, I can still hear it, but the quality is so cheap and poor that there's no point.

I figured it was just my headphones, so I used the new ones I had stored away. Never opened them before, and yet still the P2 made the same noise. Still assumed it was just the headphones until yesterday when some guy was listening to his iPod on some speakers he had. I linked up the speakers to my P2 and STILL the same thing!

So I guessed that it was the DNSE I was using (a personalised one.) I switch to Normal, still the same cracking noise. Switch to Jazz, still the same.

I now think that this is an audio issue on my P2. What do I do?
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same thing for me... x-x i'm using skullcandy earphones... and it started like 2 days after i started using them with my p2..
same thing happened to my friend when he used his skullcandy earphones with his p2... >.>
i think i'll avoid them in the future... lol
but yah.. what should i do?
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this usually happens because of damaged head/earphone, usually something in the cable, commonly towards the end

anyways, if its not that, it might be that your not treating the earphone jack very nice, try asking for that to get repaired
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