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Default Sansa e200 in MTP mode in Linux?

Hello, I was wondering if it's possible to use the Sansa e200 series (or any of the similar Sansa mp3 players such as the Fuse and Clip) in MTP mode BUT in Linux.

I tried recently with my e269 ver. 1 but I had major problems while trying it in Amarok. Besides the Amarok bugs I ran into, I just couldn't get anywhere. These are the various steps I tried with varying levels of success (but mostly failure):

* installed mtp-tools
* ran command, 'mtp-detect'
* tried to get Amarok to configure the player in MTP mode...
* not sure how to mount it but this is how far I got:

I configured Amarok to 'see' the device in MTP mode and had my music/songs/mp3s listed but under the 'Device' heading. I couldn't move or copy the songs to any sort of library or list. I also could not play any of the songs. In other words, I had ZERO usability.

I'm just wondering if this is typical when trying to use a non-iPod (or Creative Zen Muvo or whatever the Creative player in the devices listings was) or any of the other devices you could choose from. The one I had to choose was 'MTP device' or whatever it was. I got that far until I had to mount the player. I must have mounted it since the player DID display the music and it showed up as a MTP device.

However, since I could not do anything and ran into eventual bugs, I am wondering if the MTP support is lousy, if Amarok is just buggy especially when configuring MTP devices or if I was doing something wrong to contribute to problems.

I googled and searched for a 'how to' or instructions on how to configure MTP mp3 players in Amarok but couldn't find anything helpful. If anyone with a Sansa e200 series player knows anything about configuring in MTP mode, that would be great. It could be news that you can't do this or that it's a royal pain or full of issues and problems or that it just requires certain steps, I'll appreciate any feedback and info.

I know how to use the player in MSC mode but I wanted to try it in MTP mode. I read that Amarok and RhythmBox supported MTP mode but I'm not sure how accurate that is. I prefer to use Amarok but I'd use RhythmBox if it worked better. However, I didn't have success in either.
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