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Default Bricked insignia ns-dv4g

i was hoping this day would never come, but it did...

my insignia no longer boots up after the bright green insignia logo screen. it just cuts to black after that point.

what is strange is that in order for it to turn on again, i have to reset and then hold the power again, so it is almost as if it is still running with the screen off but the buttons have no effect.

how it happened: i was having problems doing pretty much anything with it, but mainly syncing and the deleting of files associated with the syncing... everytime it would delete a file, it would get stuck on the deleting screen... i would usually just reset it and the file in question would be gone and the player would be working fine, but the last time i did it, it failed to boot completely anymore.

the question i have, is there any way to restore the factory settings on this thing? i cant plug it in to my pc because it still turns off on the same screen and doesent allow enough time for a connection to be made, so formatting it that way is out of the question... i kind of wish i could just turn it into an external drive or something to at least get some use out of it...

unfortunately, the warrenty on it has ended already, i've had it for a little over a year and a half or so... that i know of, i dont remember exactly when i got it, but i know its over a year. so i dont know if me taking it to geek squard/bestbuy would even be worth it, i might have to pay some rediculous amount of money to get it fixed or get a replacement. has anyone returned a bricked ns-dv to geek squad? if you have, what exactly do they do/charge for this kind of thing?

if there isnt really any way to recover from this, i guess i'm on the market for a new MP3 player :P

not sure if i'll stick with insignia after this... but i loved it while it lasted and maybe the newer ones are immune to problems like this.
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