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The Touch can run videos at a maximum resolution of 640 x 480, while the P2 only 480 x 272. I own both a 16 gig Touch 2G and an 8 gig P2 and while I will say the P2 has better SQ, I think the Touch is an overall better device. That being said, the Touch sounds very good coming out of my Shure E4cs and Fiio Amp provided you don't mess with the EQ, because it is TERRIBLE. However, the features that really do it for me are gapless and better podcast support, and I prefer wifi over bluetooth. They're both great players though and I would absolutely recommend the P2, especially since it's about $20 cheaper.
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Originally Posted by xinzhitan14 View Post
how do you mean it has a higher resolution? touch has a 3.5" which runs 480x320, and p2 has a 3" which runs 480x272. if you mean DPI then you are right, otherwise no, it doesnt have a higher resolution for videos.
Thanks for catching me on that. yeah, DPI is what i meant. thanks.
If Samsung and it's consumers worked together, we could run circles around the Ipod Touch.

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