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Help 8GB Fuze (+8GBSD) vs 16GB Cowon D2 vs 16GB ipod nano 4th gen

I posted this thread somewhere else in the forums, but I think it was not the right place, so I bring it here looking for advice.

I'm an old visitor of ABI, but new to the forums.

I gotta be honest. I've always liked ipods. They have a very elegant design, incredibly easy to use interface (you gotta admit click-wheel is genius), good sound quality (I'm no audiophile), and even tough original accesories are damn overpriced, the market of generic accesories is huge. Also, lots of new gadgets come now with an iPod dock, and I think that's pretty cool.

However, I've never had an iPod. ¿Why? They have always been extremely overpriced, especially compared to similar or better products in the market.
Besides, I have never never never trusted HDD based players. I saw many of my friends players hard drives die, and I wasn't going to put my money in such a fragile device, especially when I like to take them with me all the time and everywhere.

My cassette walkman was my first companion, then I moved to MiniDisc players and then jumped into MP3 players. Since then, I have always been a sandisk owner. From the first media player they released (remember it?), then moved to the 1st line of Sansa and stayed there for a while. I owned a crappy Sansa Express that never really worked and now I proudly own a 4GB Sansa Clip

Now, my issue has always been capacity. 4GB is just not enough for me. I have to reload music almost every 2-3 days after I get bored. But again, I'm not moving to a HDD based player.

I've been considering a 8GB Fuze, but then again, I would have to add another 8GB microSDHC (I guess 16GB would fit me just right for 1-2 weeks of music without reloading). ¿Any roumors about 16GB Fuze or 16GB MicroSDHC cards?

I've also considered a Cowon D2, but I feel it's kinda bulky, mostly thick, and what I'm looking for is a really really portable device. I don't need big screens, I don't want bluetooth, I can even survive without video. I just wanna listen to my favorite music while I work or in the bus while I go home, and almost not noticing my player is in my pocket. (that's why I like the Clip).

I live outside USA so I couldn't care less about iTunes or DRM music. I have never (and probably never will) buy compressed music online. My 200GB music collection is 90% MP3 DRM Free files.

Now apple releases a $200 16GB ipod nano.

  • Not expandable
  • No FM radio (I never listen to radio anyway)
  • No OGG support

  • h.264 compatible
  • Plays all of my 1000's of non-DRM torrent-downloaded MP3s
  • Slim
  • <37 grams heavy

I won't even compare this ipod to the Fuze or the D2 (that would be blasphemy)

But my current choices are:
  • 8GB Fuze + 8GB MicroSDHC Card
  • 16GB Cowon D2
  • 16GB iPod Nano 4th Gen

¿Did I mention my budget is around $200?

My other option is waiting for the Cowon S9... but I would need some specs, like real dimensions and price range.

Thoughts anyone???
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