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Default Lots o' scratches

Ok so i love my p2 but when i first got it i was an idiot and just threw it in my pocket without any case or protective film. The result was obviously A LOT of scratches on the screen. Does anyone know how to get scratches off the screen without havin to go out and buy something from wal mart etc.
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maybe if u wish really really hard u just migth realise that there is no sch solution dont be a cheapass
but there is some home stuff try toothpaste and banana idk i saw that on youtube
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ha thanks for your brutally honest reply. btw im not cheap just young, i dont have a job and therefore dont have a lot of money. not sure if im gunna try that toothpaste thing tho, dont wanna risk messin up my p2
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Non-gel type toothpaste.
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ive tried toothpaste...
works on really small scratches, but not much else...
i suggest something like applesauce (its a brand of a product, not REAL applesauce)
theres a sticky on it, go into the P2 faqs one
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