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Old 09-06-2008, 04:10 PM
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Exclamation How To Make Your Backplate A Chrome Mirror Finish!!! (original, "My Modded Sansa")

here is my tutorial that i finally felt like typing up.

-Things you'll need-

1. SanDisk Sansa e200 line mp3 player
2. 600-grit wet sandpaper
3. Buffing wheel is reccommended
-steel-wool may work, but i havent tried it much.
4. Buffing compound, (compound, made mostly of wax and grit)
5. Sanding block is reccommended

1. Use a small screw driver to remove all four screws from the back of your sansa.

2. Remove the backplate and keep sansa in a safe place, as to not get ruined by anything.

3. I used 600grit wet sandpaper to sand the whole time, you might want to cut time down by progressively working your way up to 600 from larger grits, mabey start at 300. I reccommend using a sanding block, all i used was a piece of scrap wood. Practically anything you use as a sanding block will work better than using your hand, even your sansa if you are that dumb.

4. BEFORE YOU START SANDING WITHOUT WATER, read this. Yes, it isn't called wet sandpaper for nothing. You need running water wether it be a sink, bathtub, etc. I used a slop sink in my basement which is a big plastic sink used for messy jobs. If you don't have a slop sink, i'd reccommend using a bathtub. Set the flow to the lowest it can go, without dripping, and sand away.

5. Make sure you dont over sand. I over sanded at the edge of one of the screw holes, and you can see a copper colored metal underneath. This is a coated metal backplate, and is not solid steel. Also, if you are using rougher grits at first, i would switch right to 600grit right after you get the rough coating off of the back. Removing the coating dosent take long at all.

6. Once you are on 600grit sandpaper (if you didnt use it from the start), sand the back to your liking. This is the long part of the process where you remove all the logos, letters, and markings (if you want of course). Once you have everything nice and semi-shiny, you are ready for buffing. I was done sanding when the backplate was smooth, and could somewhat reflect close up objects (eg: my finger).

7. The buffing wheel- This is the fun part of the process. If you dont have a buffing wheel, steel wool may work, but i do not reccommend it, because it would probably take longer than wet-sanding, and when i tried it for a little bit, it didnt seem to do much: So go over to your buffing wheel, and turn it on. Take your buffing compound, and apply some to the buffing wheel. If you are a beginner like me, you need to know this. If not, skip to step 8. Here are some buffing tips- Do not press to hard, you dont want to make the backplate heat up too much. Also, keep a good hold of your backplate, so it dosent go flying and break anything. The piece may heat up, if it does, let off of the buffing, and let it cool down, you dont want to freak out and get your hair caught in the buffer. And yes of course, tie back long hair.

8. Buff the backplate till you get all the scratches out, and it is shiny. Along the way, you may need to apply more compound. The compound will turn black, no matter what color you are using, and you may need to wipe it off along the way to check your progress. Once you are satisfied, take a rag or paper towel to wipe all the compound off.

9. By now, you should be extremely satisfied, and at the point where you can put the backplate back on your sansa. If not, you totally did something wrong, and i dont know what to say.

I hope everything turns out well for everyone who tries my tutorial. !!!3NJ0Y!!!

So no idiot gets hurt in one of these steps, i am not responsible for any injuries (eg: hair getting caught in buffer because you didnt read my beginners buffing tips), so that means you can't sue me.

if anybody sees something wrong you'd like me to change, post a reply, and i should change it within a couple of days if i want to.

so, i added some mods to my sansa e250, and i am really lovin' it. here are the mods I added to my sansa.

1. Make the scroll wheel smooth.
2. Add an H3Mod theme.
3. Make the back a chrome mirror finish.

here they are

1. Make the scroll wheel smooth.

I cant really show you guys this, but here is a picture of my sansa anyways.

please excuse the dust.

2. Here is my ZipperSolution theme, (excuse me if i spelled it wrong) the download link was all messed up, but one guy on this forum has a copy, and it works great. thanks for that zippersolution copy dude. I believe it is by far the best theme.

My ZipperSolution may be too cool, so enjoy the picture with caution.

3. My mirror back. I saw a forum talking about this, but no one so far has uploaded a picture of this to a forum. I used wet sandpaper and sanded for an hour under the faucet of my basement sink. once i liked the finish, i went to my buffing wheel, turned it on, applied some compound to the wheel, and buffed away. i am so satisfied with the finish. it is not as good as the finish on the back of my iPod touch (PLEASE DONT CRITICIZE), but it looks phenominal.

Warning: proceed with caution. images are much cooler than ZipperSolutions. I am not responsible for the permanent loss of speech in any person(s).

here is how it looks with a reflection of my XM radio remote and part of my camera. It is very shiny.

I am extremely satisfied with the way the back turned out, I may or may not upload a picture later comparing the back with my iPod, but until then, my sansa is totally modded to the maxxxxxx.

please comment, i like attention.

edit as of 9/7/08. pictures of sansa and iPod

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