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Default Taking apart a sansa view for replacing the battery

Taking apart a sansa view for replacing the battery. This shouldn't be done unless you are past the warranty period or a DIY (Do It Yourself) person interested in replacing your own battery.

The model I will be taking apart is the 32GB version, the 16 and 8 models use all the same parts except for the flash chip that is soldered to the PCB.

At the bottom there will be a noticable circle on the right side. Use a pin or needle to remove that small rubber cover.

Picture below shows you where the cover is located.

After removing the cover you will expose the SINGLE screw that holds the whole thing from coming apart.

This time around I decide to use the cellphone opening tools because this isn't broken....yet. You can get this at any cellphone vendor in a shopping mall or you can buy one online at your prefered place. These opening tools are disposable after one or two uses.

The tripod I used for the zmp dissasembly is too light for this new camera to have angled at the 92 degree angle I used last time. So I will not have free hands to hold tools in the pictures this time around.

This time use the cellphone opening tool that has the wedge and run the tool all the way around the sansa view, counter-clockwise if the LCD is facing you.

You might run into issues seperating the plastic cover from the metal base due to the placement of a screw in the bottom. Do not snap the plastic retention clip when trying it. Warping of the plastic from heat and moisture can occur if the plastic retention clip is not there to block it out.

The ribbon connecting the wheel and home button to the PCB is a small connector. I decided not to seperate the ribbon from the PCB

The picture below will describe what you will need to do to get to the battery underneath the LCD.

The LCD ribbon cable turns 90 degrees and runs under the PCB on the side of the power switch. You want to lift the LCD from the opposite side that was marked for you to wedge out with a small flathead.

Here you can see how you move the LCD out of the way to expose the battery beneath.

The battery turns out to be soldered to the PCB under the black tape. Replacing the battery should only be attemped at this point by someone who can handle a soldering iron with dexterity. The area of contact is small, so you will need to have a fine tip attatchment. Removing the battery will most likely rip much of the foil wrap, so this should only be done at the time of replacing the battery for a new one.

I had to cover the flash bulb to reduce the glare to be able to get a clear view of the print on the shinny foil wrap. The power regulation PCB is wrapped in thermal foil. You might have to reuse that if the replacement battery does not come with one already. I speculate that it is also the cause of many of the battery issues people have with not holding a charge etc.

This is after reassembling the sansa view and turning it on for the first time.

The only thing now that I would as you to do is help find an online vendor that sells this type of battery or locate the proper replacement on a electronic site like

Here is the directory of my pictures:

Thats all for now.
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