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Default questions about games, well sort of

these aren't hacks are they?

seems to me that if you can play doom on the zune it wouldn't be too hard to write a game to operate like a widget correct? i'd really like to see a widget for weather (i'm not looking for instant doplar), a golf score totaler/keeper (the i-touch has a few of these, but i can't find another unit with anything similar...does this mean i should just look to do this on a dap with windows ce?), and of course the missing clock/sleep timer/alarm (which should be almost no thought required for some of you).

personally i think the guy trying to write that doom (i think it was that) is a bit nuts, but then so am i, more power to you!

i love the feel/form factor of the zune, the scroll whateveryoucallit is awesome and the progressive scan is to die for, i don't have any need for doom, but a few simple games should be available to those insomniacs who are occasionally too brain dead to read a book.

thanks for all the help everyone!
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Getting a weather wiget type thing on the zune would require a good bit of palying around. Basically it would require a "game" on the zune and a program on the computer to update a text file or something. It would likly be almost more combersom then needed.
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Zune games are not hacks. Games are in beta form right now. Official release is coming in the next 2 months or so.
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tyvm, i think the reading i was doing was a tad old. i'll be looking forward to seeing the official stuff.
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