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Default Is is safe to apply protective film to P2????

I know the Samsung P2 already shipped with a screen protector-- but its real weak and flimsy. after a week's use, the corners began to peel off and all sort of dust got under the film making the unit look better with the film off rather than on. so i've been looking around the internet for some kind of other screen protector. i don't want to get the plastic ones, for they don't cover the screen (i dont even get why people get those) i already know a product called invisibleshield. (look it up on google) its so strong that even the forced scratches with a key won't do any damage to it and it can support weight up to 1,000 pounds! so i've been thinking about getting that. but the thing is that the film uses a special type of liquid spray that you spray on the film and apply on the unit. since you are unsing liquid and not that sticker type, it can be used over and over again. which is useful, since films tend to come off once in a while. but i've seen other products that use the similar method of invisible shield, using the special liquid to apply it on. but the thing is that when the liquid touch the backing of the P2, some say that the backing comes off and peels. i've seen a picture of a P2 with the backing off and it looks sick but i don't want to damage my P2 since i only had it for like 4 days. so,if anyone has invisibleshield for the P2, can you tell me if it's safe to use for my unit?
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it should be
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i too have heard cases where the back peeled...
so my adivce is be careful, and as long as you dont take it shouldnt peel
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I think mine peeled because i used a strong dish cleaner concentrate.
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I am using protective film for protective screen portion only. I am not finding any harmful effect.
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I am using the invisisheild on my P2 and other devices....... There is really no reason to ever have to take it off the unit so it should not affect the coating of the back. I do know that before I applied the invisisheild the coating on the back of my P2 was showing some scuffs, with the sheild it all looks perfect again. I would never again buy a MP3 or other device and NOT put a sheild on it. They are wonderful and keep your device in perfect condition!
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