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Default Sansa Fuze "Guess what?!" review

After FINALLY figuring out how posting reviews work, here is my wuick little Sansa Fuze review. I realize that many people have already done reviews on this player, so im gonna just note some things that stands out (for me) instead of doing a full review.

-The thing that suprised me the most was that it had chooseable colors for the skin! You can choose between blue, orange, green, a different blue, an a lighter blue. Its really a stupid gimmick, but i like it alot.
-After inserting a SD card with alot of picture on it, i find that the player is considerably slower with the card inserted. Switching from one picture to another takes almost 5 seconds, whereas normally it would take less than 1.
- Updating the database was fast. It took less than 5 seconds to update a database filled with +200 new songs. That faster than my P2, which takes forever, it seems.
-The sound quality is onpar (without eq) or better than that of my P2, which suprises me considering its small size and the fact its sansa.
-Despite what many people say, i think the screen looks pretty nice, almost touchable (i tried to touch it thinking it as a touchscreen once). It looks bad only because of the ugly font.
-It came with a nice little pouch, which was cool=)
-It has a fun little rating system, which can act as another playlist and also can be a fun waste of time.

I think that sometimes people forget about these little gimmicks, butthey are like icing on a cake and i think that theyare ver worth noting.

NOW some pics:

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