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Default My P2 is Falling Apart!

Ok so I've had my P2 since about Feb, Got it off

I've only dropped it once and then it was caught by the headphones so it just taped the floor.

Well the other day the left side is starting to come open and if I try to snap it back shut it wont stay very tight, then the headphone jack seems to be lose and when its in my pants and music is playing sometimes the words in the music will drop out and just the music will be in the BG, so i think its coming un done from the board inside. Then sometimes the touch screen will be a little bit slow or not working for a few tries.

Oh and i dropped it back in March, so it shouldnt be falling apart 5 months later from that. It really seems to just be falling apart and I don't think im going to stick with samsung MP3 players ever again, I'm going to a iTouch!

So do any of you have any ideas on if Samsung would fix this as its under a year?
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