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Default odd battery behavior

Hi everyone! I'm new/not new to the forum. I have used the forum before to help with my sleek photo (like the annoying dust under the screen), but I just recently officially joined. This past week I had a major issue with my player and I could use any support you all have to offer. I apologize for the length, but I want to give you all the details so you have an accurate picture of what exactly happened.

Last Monday I was listening to my player in the car on my way to work (approx. 1 hr.). I got to work and plugged my player into my desktop speakers via the headphone jack. No sound would come out of the speakers. Well, it turns out the speakers had somehow gone kaput on me. So I unplugged the zen and turned it off. The little "shutting down "screen popped up and stayed there for about 10 min. It wouldn't respond to anything. I reset it with a paper clip. The zen splashscreen came up followed by the sleek photo splash screen. Then the screen went black and nothing would respond--it was like the player was off, except the blue power light was on. I couldn't turn it off either. I tried resetting it a couple more times, but it would do the same thing. I didn't have my cord so I just let the player sit thinking it would eventually run out of juice and shut off. About a half hour later I went to move the player and it was really warm (like it was in someone's pocket for a long time). A half hour after that the player shut off. In only an hour the battery had gone from mostly full to dead. I took the thing home and accessed the program menu (or whatever you call it). I was able to reload the firmware. The player seemed to have come back to life! So I charged it all evening using the a/c cord (which I always use) until it was fully charged. I unplugged it for the night, made sure it was off, and set it out to go to work with me the next day. When I went to work, I found the player was dead. This has been the trend ever since. It works fine when it is plugged in and it charges (I see the lightning bolt). The charge just won't last. I tested it out and it will play for about an hour before dying. Turned off, it won't even sit over-night and keep any charge.

I am guessing my battery pooped out on me, but I just wanted to see what you all think before I rush off and buy a battery. Now that I look back, the battery life had been diminishing slightly, but ever since that black-out it has never been the same.

Thanks in advance for your help!
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