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Page Sony MDR V150 Studio Headphones Review

Hi i am Beteks, Today I am going to Review the Sony MDR V150 Headphones. They are for Studio and Listening use.

I bought these because i needed a Headphone that was low priced and good in Full Sound which the Highs, Mids, and Lows so i could use it for my DJ software.

Lets start with the box. The box looks alright. plastic and cheap card board. (typical Sony box) The box has all the Basic information you need to know about the headphones.

"Sony's Studio Style Headphones combine high-end materials and advanced engineering to bring you exceptionally clear, professional-quality sound. The wide molded headband offers long lasting comfort, and reversible ear cups let you do single-side monitoring. Features 30mm diameter drivers for deep bass, high-energy ferrite magnets, a stereo UniMatch plug for phone jacks and mini-jacks, an oxygen-free copper cord and 500mW power capacity."

The Headphone's Construction is molded plastic like it said in the description and it's light weight. It also has a Adjustable height so it can go over your ears. It has soft comfortable cushions, and a very long cord. The headphone also comes with a Unimatch plug so the plug fits into to larger headphone jacks like on a Mixer.

I tested these headphones on my Sandisk E270, and the sound was nice and full, but the bass sounded a little bad because i didn't have a amplifier,
so i test the Sony on my computer. The headphones sounded much better and the Bass was nice and Deep.

I also tested them on my External USB sound card which is a Turtle Beach Audio Advantage. It sounded even better. I fiddled with the Equalizer and i got the sound i was looking for.

UPDATE*: I tried these headphones on my Sansa Fuze and it has great sound. The mids are warm, the highs are crisp, and the bass is nice. You can hear how good the MP3's quality is, like on a 128K MP3, you can hear how distorted the highs are.
This is because the headphones are studio headphones.

So i'm very pleased with my Purchase. I bought them at Staples for 1.19 because i used a Staples Discount card. The Price was originally $20.00 Dollars so i got myself a great Deal.


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