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Default Who uses P2 as their 'main stereo player'?


I'm keen on buying the P2 to replace my stolen ipod. Could people please tell me - how does the P2 perform as a replacement for your main stereo plugged into 3rd party external speakers?

I actually don't use my ipods very much on the move, but more in lieu of a conventional stereo (plugged into external speakers)

1. I presume the speakers plug into the headphone jack and the P2 broadcasts reasonable sound quality? (dependent on speaker quality - in this case Logitech speakers)

2. Will the radio work through the speakers? I understand the headphones function as the P2's antena - do external speakers work as an antena in the same way for good radio reception?

Many thanks for your help.

(ps - also posting this in Creative Zen forum. The P2 and Zen are my shortlist)
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Neither the P2 not the Zen have a proper line-out. You'd be better off with a Sony A8xx (+ cradle) or a Toshiba T400, both of which have real line-outs to feed an external amp and speakers. - Which should sound a lot better than a crummy headphone output.
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There was some jive awhile back that there was true line-out on the dock plug for the P2, but that's been basically debunked. If you're not in it for portability, you're probably going to want to go with something like the Toshiba. Good player, great SQ, and true line-out.
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Default Thanks

Hey thanks guys. I thought it may have been a dumb question but I'm glad I asked.
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