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If you are using the correct headphones you will not need to worry about this.
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Just get the Bass Ferq's - I have em' and for $30.00 on Amazon ya' can't go wrong!!! The bass is clean, mids and high's are solid. Overall a pleasure to listen to at that price.
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If you're on a budget, try the JVC FX33, do a Kramer mod on them (very easy), plug them into one (just one) Fiio and you should have enough volume and bass to keep you happy.
The FX33s are about $10 and the mod is pretty much free.
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I've got Senn 300's and have used the V-moda bass freq's and if I turned the volume to the 30's on my D2 with those in my ears I'd cry like a little girl with a skinned knee. Don't mess with the amp/amps. Five of them wouldn't help as much as either of these phones would. I had the same problem with some cheap JVC buds I had and I solved it by buying better buds. If you really want bass get 300/bass freq and these You'll bleed from the ears believe me I just tried tried it.
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Using 2 FiiO's with my im716s makes them sound more like really bad CX300s... Yuck.
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