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Default Syncing Problems

i'm using windows media player...

i synced my x-fi, and it keeps track of my playcount and ratings.. but wheni plug it into my computer they arent copied over

how can i get this information to sync back to the computer? i want my playcounts, recently played, and ratings to be synced back.

do i need another player? i am currently using windows media player, but id be willing to use songbird or the official creative one (or an alternative one.. suggestions are welcome)

if i dont need another player- what do i need to do differently?

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Hello hypn0toad. Welcome.

WMP (WMP11 does this best) should do this with no problem. Make sure you have the setting enabled to maintain the star ratings:

1. With WMP open, select the down arrow below "Library" at the top of the toolbar.
2. Select "Other options" from the drop down list.
3. Down at the bottom of the options window, enable (check) "Maintain my star ratings as global ratings in files".
4. Select OK.
5. Resync.

Keep in mind Play Counts and Star Ratings (although provisioned in the ID3v2 specification) generally aren't used. What happens is that the Zen's internal database tracks this information separatly. When syncing, the sync software requests this information from the Zen's database. This is how the information is maintained.
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Default Transfering problem

Sometimes when I use Centrale to transfer files, some RPC or PRC (whatever it is) error shows up and I cannot transfer the files anymore. The only way I could transfer these files again is to shut down the Centrale and re-open it, then everything works fine like nothing happened.

Yes, I can eventually transfer all the files to X-Fi, but it's really anonying, and the most hideous part is that it would stop in the middle of a album, so I have to locate this specific album and kill the tracks that has been transfered in X-Fi and retrans the whole album again, so that there won't be duplicates of the same music.

anyone have the same problem? or how do I fix it?
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