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Default P2 Won't charge and weird sign

Hi my problem is that my P2 battery is empty and when i try to charge it by connecting it to my computer (wish i have already done succesfully more than one time) the P2 show's me a battery sign with a thunder bolt in it and it don't charge so what i am supposed to do now i am confused.Please help and thanks.
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hmm my old samsung mp3 did that when it was completely dead. but i just kept it plugged in for like 30 mins and then it went back to normal... lol but i havent completely killed my p2 yet so i dunno if thats the case... haha good luck
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if its new i believe this happens a few times, try to leave it on the charger a little longer, have you tried updating the bw? or do you have latest?
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Yea i have the latest firmware but i think that maybe thee problem is that my p2 is from Canada and that right now i am in I'M in Africa where the electricity is more powerfull so maybe the thunderbolt sign means that the battery could be at risk but in same way i ask my self this question:The P2 is charching from the computer by usb so it should give the P2 the energy that he need without burning the battery?
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If the battery on the player is too dead to initialize, then often it won't even do anything. Leave it plugged in for at least an hour and see if anything changes.

All power that comes out of the computer via USB will be the same voltage-ish.
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Wath do you mean by same voltage.--------------And i have tried to plug it a long time it connects to the computer but now i feel like the p2 is heating.So i'm starting to believe that the sign means that the p2 can't be pluged for long time because it will surcharge.
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He means that as long as it is plugged into a USB port on the computer, what your power local power grid runs on makes no difference. Anything plugged into USB will be getting 5v at 500mA regardless of where the computer gets its power from.
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If your P2 is starting to heat up.. it's surely a bad sign. Any battery powered electronics that show signs of over-heating when charging, should be un-plugged ASAP as an obvious charging issue is occuring. My best guess is a bad battery or charging circuit.

I'm afraid ss-ss that you may be looking at an RMA to Samsung (if your P2 is still within it's Warranty period).
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