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Default AAC and Ogg Vorbis with e280

I have a Rockboxed'd Sansa e280 v1 with an 8G microSDHC card (giving me 16G of space total obviously). I have been fooling around a little bit with AAC as an alternative format, as well as Ogg Vorbis. What I have done so far is rip the "Green Day, Insomniac" CD to WAV format (using CDEx), then used a converter (from for converting to the formats. A couple of questions:

(1) I can't upload either AAC or Ogg Vorbis files to the device, I assume this is because the SanDisk firmware is used for uploading, correct? I assume that to get the songs on there I would use a card reader for the MicroSDHC card and then (if I wish) use the File Browser in Rockbox on the device to move the songs to the device itself? (Or would they have to reside on the card still due to the incompatibility?)

(2) In converting the WAV files to AAC, I noticed it gave the option for MPEG2 or MPEG4. I used MPEG2 and used the 128k average bitrate setting (not a numberic quality setting). Are those the appropriate settings to use? The Ogg Vorbis I converted to 96k bit rate, did not use VBR or quality parameters beside the 96k bit rate.

Do those settings seem proper?

As for the MP3 format, I converted the WAV files to 192k MP3 files for what it's worth (and did not use the VBR option as I did not know what other options within that choice were best, so I left it off), Also with that particular CD I still have the original WAV files in case you posters suggest some other type of settings with the conversions would've been better. I'm all ears.

I do hear some things about Rockbox having issues with AAC files at times, they recommend Ogg Vorbis or WMA (or MP3) instead. I had intended to use the AAC files on the e280 since the 128k files would be smaller than the 192k MP3 files, and maybe use the 96k Ogg Vorbis files on a Sansa Clip (with the firmware update) if I ever got one of those.


(By the way, all of this makes me wonder if the way to acquire future music is to, instead of using Amazon or Rhapsody, to instead acquire the CD itself and rip to WAV, that way I can use 192k MP3s instead of 256k MP3s since they sound fine to me and avoid any degrading that would come from converting Amazon 256k MP3s to that size, same with conversion to AAC or Ogg Vorbis--whereas the WAV rips from the CD I'd be able to do all that. In essence, more trouble initially, but better ultimately.)
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