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Angry Stripped Paint on P2 16GB (pictures)

Got my P2 a week ago, the 16gb one, bought a refurb unit... so I am SOL here, but still, I figured I would share.

As per the recommendations on these forums, I picked up a Protech full body shield (their very helpful btw). A few days ago, I tried to apply it, but found it fairly difficult. So eventually, I decided, maybe I used too little water, so I went ahead and pulled the Protech cover off (mind you, it wasn't all too sticky yet).

For those of you who are absolutely in love with your P2, these pictures will make you sad .

Not too noticible eh? Lets flip that over.


I just about crap'ed myself. I know I bought this refurb, so theres nothing I can do. I contacted Protech, apparently this is the first they have heard of this. Official reseonse:


No, I have never heard of paint being removed. That sounds like a defect in the paint job to me. I had a P2 for a while that I used to fit the full body shield with. I probably installed 4 or 5 back pieces and nothing like that happened. What kind of soap did you use?

I wonder if you could take the player back and exchange it for a new one.

I'm really sorry that happened. What a pain!!!
I understand that they are not at fault, but now my Protech cover is useless as the paint is stuck to it. Maybe they will send me a new cover?

Anyways, I am not too happy with this Half an hour ago, I dissasembled the P2 and removed the back cover. What I plan to to next is strip the rest of the paint off, brush the back (to prevent further damage) and maybe do some etching work on it.

I gotta admit though, p2 with a metal back is damn sexy.

Ideas of what to do to the back/ opinions/ 'my p2 also got stripped stories' would be awesome

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