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Default Samsung YP-K3 review by A.A. Fussy

Can a moderator please move the below review to the user reviews forum?

Samsung YP-K3 review by A.A. Fussy:
Price paid:$69 at Target
Supplied with:CD,EP-370 earphones,USB cable


This is a very slim player-only 6.5mm thin-just like the iPod nano

I was impressed at the easy to use touchpad controls-sort of like the iPod touch, but more basic (i.e. it's no match for the P2)

At first glance, the lack of buttons on the face of the K3 is weird, but over time, the touch controls are simply a great way to navigate through menus and songs.

The 1.8" OLED screen is the real star feature-it's very easy to read in any light, and is amazingly vibrant.

My K3 was a red color-matches the YP-S2 I already own.

It has a funky looking menu system-which is easy to get around.

The icons represent each feature (earphones for music, photo for photos,a radio for the FM radio,a spanner for settinga).

I like the effects when switching between different modes:music,radio,photos

Screensaver feature is very cool-there are different animations to choose from.
Music and radio:
Music playback is fast-with a graphic EQ and serene visualizations in place of cover art, which is quite stunning to look at.

Radio presetting and playing is good-and took only about 20 seconds to do and reception on the Gold Coast with the K3 (in my office) is excellent.

There's a 7 band EQ and Samsung's DNSE effects you can enable-more on that later.

Very neatly laid out thumbnail view, with instant access to a slideshow via the touch controls

Sound Quality:
Beautiful sound-especially if DNSE is enabled (I have it set to concert hall or studio).
Virtually distortion-free, with wondeful sound across all frequencies.

The supplied EP-370's while not as comfortable or as good sounding as say, MDR-EX082's-it's just nice sounding with lots of bass.

DNSE menu pop-up is used to access the EQ via "user"- with 3D bass, and 7 band EQ.

3D setting produces a wider soundstange, while the 7-band EQ has more bands than other players EQ's do, and is extremely adjustable.
Via a USB dock cable, takes 4hrs when you first use it, but quick after that.

MTP out of the box for Windows users, and Mac users may want to install a Korean firmware for UMS.

Samsung Media Studio is a all-in-one media player that can transfer playlists/songs to the YP-K3, also there is a podcast section called "datacasts", for Windows only.

Impressed with its intuitive touch controls and can highly recommend it to anyone.

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