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Default Largest file size supported

I am about to start using my Rockboxed e280 for Audiobooks. I've been using an iPod up to this point and converting everything to m4b files to get bookmarking.

Obviously, on Rockbox, I can bookmark MP3 files.

My question is, how big can I make the Mp3 files and still have them play without issue on the Sansa?

On the iPod, the m4b are not supposed to be any longer than 5 hours per file. I would prefer it, if I can could make one huge MP3 of the whole book and just bookmark it, but I don't know if Rockbox will support an MP3 file that big.

Also, what's the best file format for this sort of thing? I would tend to use MP3, since I purchase my audiobooks that way, but if ogg or aac might be better, I'd be willing to look at those.

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