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Smile Best Mp3 player for software???

I've been looking into getting a nice mp3 player with video and everything, and I'm not sure what to get. I've seriously considered the Samsung P2, my friend has one and I've played with it some and I like the interface. Another friend of mine has an ipod classic, and I'm ALMOST considering it cause it's not that much more pricewise but is 10times the capacity.

So what I'm looking for right now is advice. I've steered clear of itunes up til this point (I was kinda raised to be anti-mac cause my mom worked for IBM way back) and I'm wondering which mp3 players are best on software. I've heard varying things on itunes, but I'm wondering if anyone can tell me specifically what about it is frustrating/irritating (A little more info than just it's crap please). I've been using just a regular little mp3 player. And I like just being able to drop and drag mp3s and play them without having to convert anything, but I'm getting the impression that whatever I get I'll have to work through their software.

My main goal is something for music and some videos, but also I'd like to be able to EASILY put photos on to show to people. I'm a photographer (currently amature, but working my way to becoming pro - so I guess I'll probably get a macbook eventually for my work) so I take a lot of photos and sorting through them takes enough time, so it would be best if I could transfer them quickly. Better yet would be if there is anything out there that I'd be able to simply take the card from camera and put it into the device and be able to veiw them right.

So ya thats a long explaination, but I'm sure you people out there have experiences and advice, so please, share.
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iTines has NO DRM free music if you buy from there, and many people dislike the way the files are named on their ipods, if I were you I'd steer clear of ipod, the sound quality isn't good for the price, the P2 will have better SQ when you throw on a pair of decent 'buds. I suggest getting something you can sync with Windows Media Player or some free program (winamp comes to mind)

I personally don't mind the Zune software, well I didn't mind it untill I changed all of my file directories (collection, podcasts, video, photo) to my external hard drive. I got duplicate copis of podcast episodes, I hope it resolves itself after a couple weeks of new episodes coming out. the Zune sounds good, the interface is good, and the software is decent (some people hate it though)

if you want to know more about Zune you can download the softweare and explore it without the device

I personally still use Windows Media Player to rip/burn Cds and to play music on my PC. but I think the Zune software is really nice and don't know everyone else's gripes with it
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Originally Posted by Flamin_Spirit
iTines has NO DRM free music
This is incorrect. There is DRM free music on iTunes but it is at a higher cost.
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still, who wants to pay 1.29 a song on Itunes when they're .99 on amazon or other online stores?
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This is the wrong section for your question. Post it here:
You'll get a faster response that way.
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