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Default Looping Connect-Done-Connect.......

A sorry chain of Microsoft misery led me to a situation where my S60 no longer would connect, doing that loopy thing where it connects then says done, then tries to connect again etc.

Keeping it short as I can, I'd been forced to do an XP repair install, this overwrote WMP11 with 9. I reinstalled 11 and that's when this issue started. What I eventually found was an apparent MTP driver stuff-up:
In C:\WINDOWS\system32
wpdmtp.dll 2006-10-18
wpdmtpus.dll 2007-4-18
wpdmtpdr.dll 2005-1-28
In C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\umdf
wpdmtpdr.dll 2007-4-18

The main driver wpdmtpdr was present twice, with a different file size and date! (fyi wpdmtpdr=Windows portable device media transfer protocol driver). The dates are everywhere too.

After various reinstall WMP11 and reboot and rename driver file combinations here is what worked:
- I renamed every single file above with a .old on the end to essentially remove them form possible use.
- I plugged my S60 in and while it was looping I reinstalled WMP11 once more.
- part way through the install - jackpot, my S60 is recognised and goes into connect state.

I now have:
In C:\WINDOWS\system32
wpdmtp.dll 2006-10-18
wpdmtpus.dll 2006-10-18
In C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\umdf
wpdmtpdr.dll 2006-10-18

I hope this helps others, because there is nothing even vaguely about this issue at the Microsoft support site. We should NOT have to play in system folders like this!!!!


Edit: I have since successfully reapplied MS KB93552 ( which contains the newest MTP drivers I know of. These are dated 2007-4-18. They are also included in Vista SP1 if you are a Vista user.

Last edited by res; 08-03-2008 at 12:08 AM. Reason: Updated for newer MTP driver install.
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