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Default LIbrary Update is slow as %$#@ is my story: yesterday, i was sending some songs to my phone via bluetooth so i can use it as ringtone. Afterwards, i tried to play songs, but every song became "not supported format". i didnt know what to do, so i changed it to default set. it didnt work. then, i got the idea of updating the library to fix my problem. I pressed manual update, and it said "updating library". So i waited, and waited...and waited. After around 10 minutes, it was still on the updating screen and i thought it had froze. None of the hardware buttons worked, and i couldnt turn it off. but i also cant get at the hard reset button, because i cant get my stupid crystal case off. So i just let the battery run. This morning, i checked my P2, and the library update was complete.

Yes, it did fix my problem...but it took ALL NIGHT (or at least half and hour, i dont know because i fell asleep....)to update the library for only around 1.5gb of stuff....

So my question is...does it usually take this damn long to update the library...or is my P2 just "special"?

I've never updated this many files at once before, because i usally add songs 2 or 3 at a time, so excuse my noobness with this issue =S
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