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Default Some Questions about adding Lyrics

So, I tried using the lyrics, but they haven't worked out so well.

First off, I have lyric station and all my songs are tagged correctly. I followed this tutorial. I also have 5.08 Korean firmware (the kind that works with linux and mac, which I think is UMS).

I have the Samsung P2 in the top left green area, but it still displays the lyrics kinda badly. I read here somewhere that I need to copy two files from the SMS folder(or something like that) to make it display correctly, but I can't find those files.

Also, the timing on most of them was off, is there an easy way to fix it?

Finally I saw in a youtube video that there was some where it highlighted by words instead of line, but that didn't happen when using lyrics station.

I really only want the lryics for about 10 or 15 songs, so if the only way to get good timed lyrics working is doing it manually I don't mind for those songs, but it would be nice to have nice working lyrics for all my music.
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