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Default M230 Chinese language pack

Hey y'all. I bought my Chinese relatives some M230's as presents when I came back to China, but I never opened them so I didn't realize they weren't installed with the Chinese language option.

I tried googling for a language pack and found this thread:

However, the M230 doesn't have a Record (step 3b) button so I'm lost as to get beyond that step. Any help is very much appreciated.

Also, one of the mp3 players seems to be a little wonky. It won't turn on unless if you first hook it up to computer, and once you turn it off, it won't turn on again unless you do the above. It also seemed to have to lost its sound because you can't hear anything when the songs are playing.

If these have been addressed, sorry, this computer is kind of slow so I tried to look down the page and I didn't see anything addressing these. Thank you!
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Those steps are are for the e200 and not the m200.

What firmware version do you have on it right now? There is other regions that you could try.
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