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Default How to mount an MTP device as a drive

The exact procedures may depend on your Linux distro, but if your distro supports Fuse (like Ubuntu 7.10 and later), then you can easily mount your MTP device (such as a Vision:M) as a drive.

First you will need to ensure you have libmtp, mtptools, and mtpfs installed. If not, then you will need to install them. I strongly recommend using your distro's repositories in order to ensure all dependencies are met.
$ sudo apt-get install libmtp mtptools mtpfs
Once all of that is installed, you will need to create a mountpoint for your device.
$ sudo mkdir /media/MyZen
$ sudo chmod 775 /media/MyZen
Next, plug in your player and mount it:
$ sudo mtpfs -o allow_other /media/MyZen
Your player should appear on your desktop as a regular drive. Be aware that, depending on the device, access might be slow.

$ sudo umount /media/MyZen
If you get a message stating that the device is busy, then give it a minute or two and try again.

If anyone figures out how to create a permanent entry in fstab, please post it here.
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