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Old 07-30-2008, 02:44 PM
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Arrow Right Need suggestions for a portable & nice headphone...? (mine died on vacation)

My B&O headphones went kaput (right ear died), after 2 years of insane torment, lol. been dragged across streets, dropped, yanked, and yet it never skipped a beat. I know there is better sounding things, but they were built like a tank(!).

I'll be taking them back to the B&O store I got them, as they said it had a 3 yr warrenty. But I'm still on vacation and would like something "fresh" to listen to. I'll just but the B&o on semi-retirement and leave them in my backpack or something...

So I'm looking for another earbud preferably of equal "sound" or better. I might try an In-ear, but I normally out and about with them on constantly, and not hearing "ambient" sound out of an ear is a bit odd for me. (the comfortability isn't a problem for me. I used to have some sony's that were nice, but had to use sony adapters, even for the old ipod nano necklace one...). Durable enough to be accidentally dropped & not lead to instantaneous crying (rarely), shoved in a pocket/backpack with my A-818, and at least last a year or 2.

Budget: $80-120 Less the better, not in mood to spend a lot. so if $50 is enough, so be it!! Rather not get over the head, "street-style" or bud's preferred... Except for maybe Audio-Technica ATH-SQ5, are those small? I mean my V900's are massive by my ear/standards lol. I just like to have one ear off for most of my day... (live life to a soundtrack!)

Auditory Background

Headphones I've liked:
  • Sony V700DJ, but either it's gotten worse over time, or i find it to clouded now... (semi-retired)
  • Sony V900HD, I love the crisp, bright, non-heavy bass of it. (Desk/house headphone)
  • My B&O "Earphones", just sounded great, durable, not sure if 100% the $$$ but, I liked them... Just the right ear got frayed on the end 2 days ago so now don't hear nothing... (Mobile office kit lol, sony A-818, Macbook pro out of house, etc.)

Music I listen too:
  • Rock (nothing really heavy, definetly no metal)
  • Electronica (house, dance, etc.)
  • Alternative
  • Obscure & more varied odd stuff like Enigma, Hot Chip, Zero 7, Yoko Kanno

Thanks in advance!!


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