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Default Fix For Track-Order Issues with Amazon MP3s

I posted this originally asking for help, and now it turns out I found the answer, and I am posting this in case anyone ever comes across this EXTREMELY sneaking scenario.

I have a Sandisk e280 (v1, 01.03.18A, Rockbox'd) as my player, here is the situation.

I have a folder with 5 songs by the same artist/album--2 are from Amazon, the other 3 are not. The 2 by Amazon sort off to themselves, despite the fact that I have checked out ALL the tags to make sure they are correct.

The songs from Amazon end up at the bottom of the list with a "1." prefix to the track number. In other words:

With Michael Jackson--Dangerous, it should say:

01. Jam
02. Why You Wanna Trip On Me
05. Remember the Time
06. Can't Let Her Get Away
08. Black or Whilte

Instead it says:

02. Why You Wanna Trip On Me
05. Remember the Time
08. Black or Whilte
1.01 Jam
1.06 Can't Let Her Get Away

I posted this trying to get help, while having this in the background, figured out the problem, it is oh-so-sneaky.

I have "Godfather" as a tag-editor, and when opening up the files I couldn't tell any difference--UNTIL I opened up "Full Tag Editor" (right-click the file) and then clicked "More Data." There is a field that says "part of a set." It had "1/1" in the Amazon files, but not the other ones. That explains the extra "1." in front of those files.

I removed those, re-saved the tags, re-loaded those files over the ones on the player, and that fixed it.

That sure is a VERY VERY sneaky little thing, that took me quite awhile to find and I am not so sure you would find it on every tag editor, or especially if you selected "File...Properties....Summary" in Windows Explorer (that's how I previously edited tags).

I can't believe I actually managed to find this. More to the point, I can't believe I had to. Man, my computer literacy I've had over the years--to a level not quite at "Geek Squad" caliber but surely above the average Joe/Jane somewhat--sure comes in handy sometimes. How frustrating scenarios like this must be for people who have decent computer literacy but not at an above-average level. (I can relate--I feel that way myself when it comes to things I stink-at that other guys have at least SOME skill with--like fixing cars, leaky faucets, general home improvement etc. I am utterly helpless with those things, even simple things.)

I thus post this--originally to ask for help, but now to provide it. If anyone has this phenomenon with wacky track order, check to see if you have Amazon MP3s mixed-in with non Amazon MP3s within the same folder. And delete the "1/1" (or whatever) from the "Part of Set" field (if you can find it--again, using the Godfather software I had to do a "Full Tag Edit" and click "More Data"). That is the culprit.

I sure hope this helps somebody out.

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