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Default Samsung T10 ogg quality

I'm having a small drama with my Samsung T10... it seems that for some songs with heavy bass notes when encoded as ogg, playback has this extra high hat sound on it, but the MP3 doesn't. The ogg files plays back fine on the PC.

If I use an mp3 or an aac (m4a) file, I don't hear it at all. I also don't hear it when playing it from my PC using Foobar or Winamp.

So, in order to verify my insanity, I've put samples of these files up here for you to test and compare: In this ZIP file. If you could copy these on to your T10 and have a listen, let me know if you can tell any difference.

The main thing I can hear is once the track gets going, in-between the beats I hear a high hat-like sound. Note however that I can't hear this noise when I play the exact same file in WinAMP or foobar (or as an mp3 on the T10)... it's sending me crazy! I also checked playback using the original CD on a pro quality CD player's headphone output (CDJ200), and couldn't hear it.

The original sample as a FLAC can be downloaded here. Of course, the T10 won't play this (doh!).

The quick fix for this for me would be to just use MP3s for now - but it doesn't solve the puzzle... It would be good to know if there is any problem with the ogg decoder on the T10.

Edit: The ogg files were encoded using foobar/OggEnc v2.85 (libvorbis 1.2.0 [aoTuVb5.5]). My firmware is v3.06.

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