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Default D2 not recognizing some albums

Hi folks,

I've got a D2 4GB w/ firmware 2.54. I'm using a 16MB SDHC card from A Data (or something like that). While the D2 recognizes most of my music, it fails to recognize fairly large chunks of it.

For example - I had three albums by the same artist. They were in three individual folders. Those three folders were in one folder (titled the name of the artist). None of the albums showed up.

However, if I took the three folders out of the artist's folder, one album would be recognized (but not the other two).

Sometimes entire artists would go unrecognized, even if I moved their individual folders to the main directory.

It seems random, but not really - it seems to be album specific. Meaning, it doesn't recognize some songs from an album and not others.

I figured this could be a tagging problem, but I tag all my own stuff all in the same way, so I don't see how it could be that.

When I browse folders, the folders *are* there, but if I click on them, it tends to freeze the player.

I'm using Ubuntu, so I can't use the Panasonic formatter, but I do have the disc formatted to FAT32.

I load all of my music to the 16GB card. And yes, if I load the music that it won't recognize onto the internal memory, it *is* recognized, but that's beside the point.

What can I do to get it to recognize all the music?
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