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Default clip too loud with ep-630?


I have a pair of ep-630's with my 4GB clip. In a quite room with the volume setting to 'Normal' (not High) and the volume set to one tick above the lowest (the lowest being mute), I find the clip too loud. Particularly with the radio. With most of my ogg's I find it a little louder than I would like, and I can not turn it down.

My hearing is not super sensitive... it is average. Would higher impedance headphones solve this problems? Could I rig up a few resistors to lower the volume?

Does this mean I have to get new higher impedance headphones? That would be really unfortunate.. having to spend the money to get a higher quality pair of IEM's which I will probably enjoy more than I can imagine now. The ep-630's are my first IEM's and I am mostly sold on using them.

I suppose I could also try to lower the volume of the ogg's with one of those normalizer tools.
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