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Default Most of my music is on itunes

I know some of you guys have had this problem before where most of your music is on itunes and you would like it on your archos. So can someone explain to me how to make it happen.
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Its not so much an Archos thing, there is a general way to get music out of iTunes so you can use it with other MP3 players, I don't use iTunes so I don't know, but if you ask in one of the other threads you should get a solution
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anyone have a simple solution?? this would help me a lot. I'm working out of town 4 days a week so it would be nice to be able to listen to music
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hey, i just signed up now because i was wondering the same thing and luckily i found a solution! this probably won't help you anymore, since it's been like a year, but i'll give it a shot anyway. 1. u gotta download something called "********* Music Converter", don't worry it's free. 2. in the main interface screen, all u have to do is drag and drop your audio files to the conversion screen. 3. then hit start!

i'm probably going to get an archos 5 this year instead of the ipod touch 3g... seems like a better deal, i mean who really needs a camera on their PMP?
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Another solution, albeit costly and provided your itunes music is drm free, is to buy the podcast plug in. You can then drag and drop your music or sync, whichever is your preferred method of putting your music on the Archos.
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