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Default Chances of Audio bookmarking?

I bought a P2 yesterday and am in love with it, but was really upset to learn that when it says it supports bookmarking, it only does video. I listen to tons of audiobooks, so cannot really keep this. I'm really upset about it. I don't want to go buy the Ipod Touch and nearly twice the price (not to mention that I have avoided Apple so far), but its either that or buy something else with a smaller screen and less features, but bookmarking. Anyone have any idea if this is slated for a future update?
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Not sure what firmware you're using, but I know that even when I had 4.13 on mine, I could leave the "Now Playing" screen and when i came back, it would be right where I left off (if I had paused instead of just letting it play while I went to another menu). If you're listening to the audiobook as a regular mp3 it should be able to do that. When you're done for the time being, just turn the unit off after pressing pause, and it should keep your place as long as you don't load any other tracks. I know it's not the same thing as an actual bookmark, but it may just do the trick.
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the p2 is inconsistent. it doesn't do datacast/audiobook bookmarking.

afaik theres no indication that samsung is going to add this.
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This is the one feature I wish my P2 had
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any good scifi audio books?

I have firmware 5.08 and it does continue a song from where i left off.
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Thanks everyone for your help. Unfortunately I want to be able to listen to other tracks in between the audiobooks, so playing where you left off isn't much of a help. And I like pretty much all sci-fi and fantasy. Just listened to The Host by Stephanie Meyer and thought it was excellent. Probably a little too romantic for most, but the sci-fi element of it was great.
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audio bookmarks, p2

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