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Help Likes and dislikes of my new D2

Well I've had my new toy for about a week now and so far this is what I've discovered. I love the sound and am very pleased with the clarity it seems to be revealing to me of my music that I didn't seem to hear from my Samsung Z5...not sure if this a placebo effect from my D2 being new and all but it seems to be there. I'm satisfied with video playback but still learning how to get good encodes with the software that's available.

Now for a couple gripes...and one that a few others have also harped on. SHUFFLE!!! I'm using 2.57 btw. So I have the D2 to shuffle all and more than 5 times I've pressed the next song button and the song that was just playing is what is shuffled to...but as many other's have pointed out, the shuffle just plays over and over alot of the recent songs I've listened to. And to sum this up, this makes using this player VERY annoying for the shuffle feature.

I liked the way the Z5 shuffled in that it would physically change the order of the song list and then play from the first song but this D2 shuffle is driving me nuts. Maybe I do not have a certain setting properly adjusted, I don't know.

Secondly and this I also do not know if it is a setting I can change...but the player shuts off way to quickly and when I have the D2 in hold mode to utilize the back, hold, next song features for the buttons, the player shuts down if I put it on hold for a short amount of time and then I have to flick the hold button back on and then wait for the D2 to load and then press audio twice..etc etc.

Personally I'd rather it didn't turn off at all.

Navigating is also somewhat of a learning curve and I'm hoping I will get used to this as well. When you have 16gig of music, navigating to a song can be tedious if you're not using the stylus which I haven't attached yet since it doesn't go well with my Z-Cover.

I'm hoping that the Shuffle will be fixed as it's very lacking imo, and that some kind d2 user can show me how to get the player to not shut down as it currently does.
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