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Default Mystery music on new clip?

Hi. Hopefully this is not a repeat. No questions here... just something some of you might get a kick out of.

I just upgraded *cough* *cough* to a 4GB Clip. I also got a pair of ep-630's... I'll be upgrading those in a few months too.

- I plugged it in to charge
- Mounted it (using Linux here)
- Copied on the new firmware
- Poked around... nothing but an empty directory structure... Linux shows 4GB free
- Let it finish charging, unplugged and the firmware updated
- Unplugged, came home from work.
- Plugged into home PC
- Copied on two ogg formated audio books
- Verified they played, then went to dinner

Here comes the fun part.

- I come home, go to the music menu, and browse all songs
- There are more songs there than just the audio books
- I can listen to the songs... but I can not figure out where they came from since I only copied on the audio books
- I plug it back into my PC and list all the files on the entire device, and there are only the audio books I uploaded

WEIRD! Maybe they were 'deleted' so that the Linux vfat driver does not see them (just the meta data was removed), but the clips vfat driver still picks them up. I know with flash memory for digital cameras that use vfat, you can 'undelete' pictures after you delete them. This could be the same thing.

I bought this through amazon since they had it the cheapest two weeks ago... I doubt I got a used one especially since the few songs covered a wide range of genres from really unknown artists. Maybe these were left over from testing? I should go look in the Sansa forums to see if anyone else has seen this.

Now to figure out how to make playlists and add id3 tags to my audio books.

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