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Exclamation USB Connection Issue - YP-Z5 Model

Hi all.

I hope somone can help me with this particularly irritating problem my Samsung YP-Z5 has recently thrown in my direction.

With no issues reported (well nothing that resetting didn't sort out!) for the first 2 years suddenly my PC is failing to read the fact that my MP3 is connected via the USB port. This is definitely not an issue with the connection as I have tried various PC's and both USB ports on my personal laptop.

Firstly charging. Despite the fact that the 'connected' message initially appears on screen, it soon disappears, however the charging icon is still visible in the top right-hand corner. Before, when I connected to the PC, I'm sure the 'connected' message remained on screen and I had limited functionality until I unplugged the MP3 player. Now, and despite the charging icon being in place, it is failing to charge properly. I have managed to get around this issue (temporarily) by resetting, setting the locked switch to on, and plugging the lead in without switching on the player.

Secondly, I cannot change/update the tracks on the player. Before, once connected, an icon would appear in My Computer which I could then click on and easily add/remove tracks. Now, no icon appears and the PC doesn't seem to recognise that the MP3 player is even attached to the USB port!!

Has anybody got any suggestions as to how to get round this tricky little problem? It's come out of the blue as before I always thought this player to be particularly reliable...

All positive responses will be received with much appreciation.

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old post yes?
I've had the same problem myself.
I bought annother USB Cable of Ebay.
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Hi, I have a Samsung YP-Z5AB/ELS MP3 player which used to work with WMP11 but now does not. I have re-installed the MP3 player from the CD that came with it, and the drivers are up to date. When I re-installed it, I kept getting a pop-up saying "Found New Hardware - MTP device found" but I was able to stop that happening. But WMP11 still does not see my MP3 player. My MP3 player screen just says "connecting", but it never connects. The charging icon is there too, but the battery ran down today while I was trying to get WMP to see it.
I use Microsoft XP Professional SP3.
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Did you ever resolve this as the same thing has happened to me
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happens occasionally to me...
I'm 16. FTW
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