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Default Few Questions about the P2

Ive recently bought a 8GB P2 and Ive come across a few things that have brought up a few questions.

1. The provided screen protector: no matter how many times I've applied the screen protector, the edges would be some what noticable and attract lint or dust in my pockets and stick to the sides.

So i was thinking of ordering a screen protector from Invisiable Shield or a full body Shield from Protech; how much coverage does the full body shield have, is the reset pin hole expoxed?

Also how prone is the back against scratches ( since the first P2 i bought had a hairline scratch straight from the box) and wondering if the full body is necessary? because I like the feel of the metal on the back.

2. How well do the stock earbuds perform? Can someone recommend alternatives?

3. The earbuds act has the P2's antenna, so are you still able to use other earbuds and still use the FM radio function?

Also the P2 gets really warm; wondering if thats normal (im in a 20-30 degree operating temperature enviroment)
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2.) I found they performed well when I bought my K3 (same earbuds). However, the wire was stripped off the plug so I decided to replace them. Creative EP-630's, though in-ear's, are pretty good. Check the headphone forum, there's lists of inexpensive/good replacements.

3.) Pretty much all earphones will work. I think it uses the metal within the cable as the antenna. But yes, all earphones should work fine.

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1. I never used the screen protector.
2. Stocks are good, but for me they broke fairly easily.
Get some skullcandy's. I love 'em.

and like Doom said, all earphones should work.
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Ok thanks for all the replies
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