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Default Cinema plugin and 605 Wifi, not impressed

I recently purchased the cinema plugin for my Archos 605 WiFi. My original intent for purchasing was to do a very quick disc rip directly to the player instead of encoding my movies.
Purchasing from the Archos site was a pain. It kept rejecting my check card, so I finally decided to borrow a friend's credit card. That worked out at least. I finally got to the last step where you can download the plugin, and the last field asks for a download key. What was this? I still haven't received an email, but luckily I did print my receipt. But another problem! I only have an "activation key" on the receipt. Well, let’s try my luck. It was my only choice to try that key, and it did work. Thanks for being so consistent with your words, Archos.<o></o>
Okay, plugin installed. It asks to plug the device to some type of power. Now that doesn’t quite make sense. If I don’t have to plug in into power when updating the firmware (which would be more crucial), why for a plugin? Anyway, time to copy some files over. I open up my decrypter of choice and rip the movie parts. Of course they're in 1024 MB parts, so I was kind of upset that I'd had to keep switching files during a movie. But wait! The player actually merges all of the files together and gives you a percentage progress bar instead of a time remaining. That was relieving.<o></o>
I would like to say that I am particularly picky about my videos. I can usually see defects, wrong deinterlation, chroma noise, etc. The first thing I noticed when I was playing the video: it was stuttering. I showed it to some friends, and they say it's fine. No, it's really not. I check the info, and the media player reports it as 29 (30) fps. What?! The dumb player is actually respecting the pulldown flags from the video stream. That's ridiculous. (The stream is technically 24 fps/film.) There is also apparent aliasing, so it made me wonder. Then the reason hit me. The player is discarding fields. There is apparent aliasing and stuttering (to me).<o></o>
Well, I just wasted $20. I called up sales and asked for a refund/exchange for another plugin, but nope. No go. My final verdict: not recommended.
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