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Default Software Recommendations (Sony Walkmans)

Hi everyone!

This is my maiden post to these forums so hello to all

My first MP3 player was an iPod and after it got stolen (a blessing in disguise?), I replaced it with with a Sony NW-A1200 walkman which I lovingly refer to as my 'musical bar of soap'. No complaints at all with the unit itself but.. (here it comes)..

Ive been having serious problems with the software. Namely SonicStage - that hateful heap of shit that Sony are surely regretting by now. Everything was working 'relatively' fine with it until one day I thought id transfer more songs across. Bad idea Stevie..

I noticed it was taking it's sweet ass time transferring files and then for reasons unknown, the NW-A1200 and my PC must have shared one uncomfortable data silence too many, as BAM! - I got hit up with some sort of write error in Windows and then I saw my Walkman rebuilding it's database.

You know what it rebuilt it with? 3 of the 10 songs that I had tried to add to my library and nothing else! It had wiped the damn slate clean. Grrrrr!

So before I embark on my journey of restoring my musical bar of soap with my hundreds of melodies, I beseech you all for an alternative to SonicStage that I can use to simply migrate MP3 songs from point A to point B without the process taking the form of a literal crusade and having lil ol me dreading adding more tunes to it down the line in fear of losing them all over again.

Im not fussed if it's a third party / non-Sony program - as long as it's reliable and gets the job done. My NWA-1200 has been wiped and tells me it's hungry for tunes. Please help me feed it's belly

PS: I wasnt sure if this was better placed in the Software section, so I stuck with the Sony thread. I hope that's okay
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