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Default New d2 owner

So I just purchased a new 16gb d2 and it arrived today and I just had a few simple questions. What is the difference between mtp and msc mode? I use rhapsody 2go so I gather that for subscription services the player has to be in mtp mode; is this correct? Furthermore I guess this means that I can only use the 2.xx firmware updates and not the 3.xx ones which means I cant get the flash backgrounds or something like that; is this correct? I had a creative vision m, before the screen cracked, and with that player you could transfer pictures to the player and set pics as your wallpaper, can I do this with the d2? I think thats it for the questions.

I must say that Im very impressed with the player which I bought based soley on the overwhelmingly positive reception it gets here. I would have never considered getting it were it not for this site. I was really surprised that it was only marginally bigger then my zen v plus which is the player ive used for the last year or so. One more question; the screen broke on two of my Zen Vision Ms from basically just having them in my pocket. How sturdy is the d2 screen from just having it in your pocket? Also is it workout friendly. I was intending to just keep using my zen v plus for the gym but the d2 turned out to be alot smaller then I thought it would be; Is it okay to workout and run with one or is the screen to delicate for that?

Thanks in advance for the help and thanks for helping me pick a new mp3 player.
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