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Default Any news on Mpio V10?

The Mpio V10 is the up and coming player that I'm looking forward to most (and the new Creative player in the works), however we haven't heard much about it since its initial announcement. Just wondering if anyone else has any information on an estimated release date and price for North America?

Not sure if this is new or old, but I noticed Mpio has put up a section for the V10 on their site so it could be a good sign:
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Curious myself,............ maybe someone can give the scoop and enlighten us cause it'd make a great device to watch my vids on!!!
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Lovely player, a lot better than the Cowon D2 in certain aspects (video playback, screen), but unfortunately a lot worse in others (abysmal battery life, awful SRS WOW enhancements, weak-ish amp). Still, I'm very interested in it myself.
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They released a few units to a few specific Mpio fanboys and a few others, and there were some problems found out right away, the bigest one being that there was no ID3 tag browsing.

Also there were a few things people wanted, like D2 styled FF/RW control on the Volume +/- controls.Also support for album cover art.

Other then that it seemed like a pretty stable player for an initial tester launch.

I'm stil leagerly awaiting this thing, its basicaly the D2 I had hoped for from the very begining. Dont get me wrong, the D2 was a great player. A great music player more specificaly, the only reason I didn't go out and buy another one after I lost my first one was because of the really bad video support.

Also, who cares about how powerfull the amp is if it still doesn't do the job properly? Why would I care if the amp can power my cans if I'm still gonna go out and buy a seperate headphone amp to fix the lower end of the unit? ;P
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Yeah this one is very nice but the battery life is terrible. I do like that fact that it is running windows ce which means a lot customization.
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