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Default Archos 700 hard disc broke??

I have a cousin who has a Archos 700. The machine will power on to the splash screen but go no further. The HDD light will flash once and then the machine will turn itself off and go no further.

He reckons that the HDD is gone but he wants to try and repair it by opening it and installing a new HDD. Has anyone attempted this or know of a guide which shows how it could be done?
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If she can solder quite good, I think she has a chance.....

But where would she get Archos OS and files from?
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When you remove the battery are there screws to remove the back, allowing access to the hard drive? If so, then it should be very simple to swap out the drive. As for the firmware for the player you can probably get it directly from the archos website. I tried to locate a disassembly guide or tutorial for you, but I had no luck. If you can post a few pictures of the back w/the battery detached from the player I'd be able to tell you more. As for the soldering, Ric0h, unless you have a bit of experience w/this player, your comments really hurt and not help the OP.
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I've gt an AV700E that won't power, but the hard drive was good when the juice died. Perhaps a combination would work.
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